Mobile Grooming Service

No more scary car trips!
No waiting rooms full of dogs and other noises!
No Sedation! ( Unless advised by your groomer)

Our luxury mobile grooming salon is designed for your fur babies comfort. She only has to travel as far as her own front yard! 

Mobile Grooming Description and Prices

It's Spa Day! From $80*

We set the tone in our stress free salon with relaxing music,  soothing scents, and loads of cuddles!
Once kitty is comfy, we move on to the pawdicure, to keep those feline feet feeling fabulous, followed by cleansing treatments for the ears and eyes using all natural products. Next, our high quality dry shampoo treatment with nourishing neem oil removes dirt, loosens tangles and leaves kitty's coat smelling sublime. To get that coat glistening, we follow with an invigorating groom that gets rid of all that unwanted hair and massages the skin. A spritz of cologne and kitty is feline fine! Recommended monthly to maintain healthy coat and nails. (Doesn't include de-shedding or removal of large knots.)

Add Ons

Add...A Little Off The Sides-  If a light trim is all kitty needs. $20 inc gst
Add...Trim That Toosh- To avoid embarrasing toilet time dilemmas. Kitty will thank you for it! $10 inc gst
Add...Underbelly- We'll hunt down nasty knots in those hard to brush places on kitty's tum! $15 inc gst
Add...Soft Paws-  nail caps to protect kitty's claws from your furniture! $25 inc gst

De-Shed...I wish I could lose weight this easily!!! From $95

Your kitty will be half the size after we rid her of that thick undercoat! Includes Day Spa perks and you can Add On too! (Doesn't include removal of large knots.)

Bad Hair Day? From $110*

We all know how uncomfortable it is to have knots and matts in our hair, right? Well, kitty feels just the same! A thick and knotty coat makes kitty feel hot and uncomfortable. An all over body trim may be the way to go. We can do various lengths to accomodate kitty's natural fashion sense! Bad Hair Day includes all the perks of the Day Spa!

A basic lion cut starts from $110... not recommended for healthy coats. We don't recommend shaving the tail... legs shaved only to wrists and ankles.
Teddy cut starts from $110... Approximately 1.5cm length. For coats with no knots.
Kitten cut starts from $120...Our recommended cut leaves approximately 2.5cm length. For coats with no knots.

Trump Complex! From $130*

Does kitty's coat look like it's stuck on top of her body? She may have a felted coat.We can help!

Ultimate Pampurr Package! From $145*

For the discerning kitty who knows beauty doesn't happen by chance!
Our Pampurr Package begins with a pawdicure and ear and eye cleanse, followed by an invigorating brush through to loosen up the coat. Next, a wonderfully warm bath using luxuriant natural hair products to remove dirt, condition the skin, and leave kitty's coat looking radiant and smelling divine. Towel drying and loads of snuggles is followed by blow drying to bring out the natural bouncy volume of her coat. A final comb through and...
Now she's ready for the cat walk! Bring on the puppyrazzi!

Prices are GST inclusive

With 50 years of cat care experience you can be sure you will be putting your precious baby in good hands!

*Please Note...A travel surcharge may apply depending where you live. 

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